Trick or Treat – Happy Halloween

TIPS FOR A HEALTHY HALLOWEEN This Halloween, children and adults will fill their bags with lots of tasty sugary treats. Sugar filled sweets, sticky toffees and snacking between meals can contribute to dental problems such as decay. This Halloween : Choose better treats: Avoid Sticky sweets, including toffee  as they tend to stay in the mouth longer [...]

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Traditional Cigarettes vs E-cigarettes for Oral Health

E-cigarettes have become very popular and are readily available on the high street and online. They come in varying sizes and styles and are no longer the false cigarette-shaped device that people only used when no one was looking. It is now a popular and effective alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette, and generally much [...]

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Good Food For Your Teeth

Many of us know that foods high in sugar and acid will attack our teeth and can cause decay so it is important to eat these foods in moderation and maintain a good oral health routine. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and keeping up your dental check-ups will help to preserve your [...]

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Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

The experience of sensitive teeth can vary from a mild twinge to severe discomfort that can last for several hours. Sensitivity can occur at any point in our lives, however, it is thought to be more common in those aged between 20-40. You are more likely to experience the sensitivity when you are exposed to [...]

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The Sugar Effect Is Not So Sweet

We are often being told that sugar rots our teeth, but how does this happen? It is not the sugar itself that does the damage, but the chain of events that occur when sugar meets our mouth. Decay happens when the sugar in food and drinks feeds the bad bacteria in our mouth and it [...]

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Bad Habits Hinder Dental Health

Many of us have daily routines that we adhere to, however, we also have very busy lives. Sometimes we take shortcuts or forget to do things when we do not have the time. Nevertheless, keeping up a good oral hygiene routine should always be adhered to as it is not only very important for our [...]

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Fighting Dental Fear

Having dental anxiety is one of the most common problems, and it is thought that a third of adults strongly dislike visiting the dentist. Furthermore, 10% of us are meant to fear it so much that we avoid going to the dentist altogether. Good oral hygiene is extremely important for our heath as it affects [...]

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FAQs For Wrinkle-Reducing Injections

At White Dental Rooms we are not only expert dentists, but we also specialise in many anti-ageing treatments. We aim to provide you with the best processes available so that you can look and feel great, at any age. Our treatments are non-invasive unlike cosmetic surgery procedures such as face-lifts. No treatment portfolio would be [...]

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Perfect Makeup Made Possible

Micropigmentation, or Semi-Permanent Makeup as it is commonly referred to, is an innovative method of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to replicate the appearance of makeup and enhance facial features. This procedure has been increasingly utilised by many celebrities with Madonna, Cher, Angelina Jolie, and Gwen Stefani all reported to have [...]

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Fresh Faced With Facial Peels

Facial peels aim to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the face to allow the new healthy skin cells grow more effectively, creating a smoother appearance. Over the years old skin cells can accumulate and clog up our pores, making our skin look tired and dull. Facial peels are very effective in the [...]

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