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New offers

Tuesday and Thursday Facial offer
Wrinkle reducing injection 3 areas £300
Dermal Filler £350 per 1 ml syringe

New Offer
Examination, 2 small x-rays and a Scale and polish £60

Zoom in chair Whitening
£350 normally £500 includes take home kit for home whitening

You no longer need a prescription to be seen by our hygienist!

OffersThe law has changed so that hygienists can now clean your teeth and keep your gums nice and healthy without needing to be seen by the dentist beforehand. Previously, hygienists needed a prescription from the dentist before being able to see a patient. The change in law means that patients can simply make an appointment with our lovely hygienist Zivile without the need for an examination with the dentist. Zivile looks forward to seeing you and returning your mouth to its full sparkling health.

Cancellation/deposit policy at White

Here at White, we try our best to remind our patients of their appointments with a courtesy call or an e-mail two days before their appointment is due. However, too often, we have had to incur late cancellations or a non-attendance even for appointment slots which are high in demand. The cancellation/deposit policy which is as follows:

Any cancellations made less than 24 hours before your appointment will be regarded as a ‘late cancellation.’ Therefore a late charge will apply.

A late cancellation or a non-attendance will mean that an automatic £20 charge will be placed on your account.

We will require a £20 deposit for appointments made with the hygienist as well as appointments made by new patients. A late cancellation or non-attendance will result in the loss of your deposit.

Any Appointments after 5 PM requires a deposit of £50

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