Perfect Makeup Made Possible

//Perfect Makeup Made Possible

Micropigmentation, or Semi-Permanent Makeup as it is commonly referred to, is an innovative method of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to replicate the appearance of makeup and enhance facial features. This procedure has been increasingly utilised by many celebrities with Madonna, Cher, Angelina Jolie, and Gwen Stefani all reported to have undertaken permanent cosmetics. White Dental Rooms are proud to offer this specialist procedure carried out by our professional technician.

Semi-Permanent Makeup typically consists of the tattoo-like application of eyeliner, eyebrow simulation, and lip colour to provide long lasting enhancement. This method eliminates the need to reapply products every day, saving the time and daily frustration that can arise from using regular makeup. Today’s techniques achieve fine lines of colour which can be subtly layered to create natural results indistinguishable from conventional makeup. This process can not only restore the shape of overplucked eyebrows or define a thin lip line, but it can restore lost pigmentation and definition that can happen with age.

Expertly filled-out eyebrows and a perfectly drawn eyeliner can create a youthful appearance, and Semi-Permanent makeup doesn’t carry the risks associated with invasive cosmetic surgery; in fact, many clients who are allergic to standard makeup products may benefit from this procedure.


The two main methods used are the ‘Hair by Hair’ technique, where individual hair strokes mimic the natural look of the eyebrow hair, or the ‘Fine Mist / Block of Colour’ which imitates conventional makeup applied using a pencil. These techniques can be used to raise the eyebrows slightly, creating a more uplifted look.

The individual hair technique is ideal for those with partially or completely missing eyebrows from conditions such as alopecia, or those who suffer sparse brows from overplucking.  This method can enhance the natural shape of the brow and add length where the beginning or end of the brow is missing.

The block of colour technique can be used for more defined look where one colour is applied to create a flat shape. Clients who are used to pencilling in their eyebrows may prefer this look, however, the shape can also be softened with a lighter application and adding a few hair strokes.


Lipstick is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to the face, however, it can frequently need to be reapplied throughout the day as it can wear off quickly, especially after eating. Semi-Permanent makeup is therefore the perfect solution, and it can be applied as a full lip colour or just as a lip liner, depending on the client’s needs. This method will enhance the pigmentation and can be matched to your natural colouring or favourite lipstick, and can also transform the shape of uneven lips by adding the appearance of definition and volume. Lips that have lost their shape and colour with age can greatly benefit from this treatment, and it can be used as an alternative to lip fillers.


Eyeliner adds definition to the shape of our eyes and enhances their colour and beauty. Many people would love to wear eyeliner but find it hard to master using a pencil or liquid, or are worried it will appear too dramatic. When we are successful in applying it, we can often catch a glimpse of our reflection later and find that it has smudged above our eyes or bled into the creases below.

Semi-Permanent eyeliner can be applied to varying degrees to create a natural enhancement, or a stronger and more noticeable appearance. Natural enhancement is achieved with either a thin line or dots applied along the lash contour to subtly define the eye and create the look of fuller lashes. Alternatively, some clients prefer to have thicker or darker lines applied to achieve the desired intensity and shape, and imitate the appearance of makeup eyeliner.


Most treatments start with a consultation and colour analysis to determine the best makeup look for you. Pharmaceutical grade pigments are mixed to suit your colouring and a numbing cream will be applied to the area before the pigments are applied to the dermal layer of the skin. For more information about the techniques and for frequently asked questions click here.

Semi-Permanent Makeup not only means that you do not need to reapply it every day, but it will not smudge or wear off while swimming or exercising. Contact White Dental Rooms and book your consultation today.