Revitalise your Skin with Mesotherapy

//Revitalise your Skin with Mesotherapy

As we get older our skin loses its elasticity because the collagen in our cells does not replicate as effectively. This not only results in skin that can look tired and dull, but its inability to bounce back means wrinkles form more easily. At White Dental Rooms, we offer a range of non-surgical treatments that are specially designed to rejuvenate your skin, and boost its vitality to prevent and combat those signs of ageing.

We provide the innovative STYLAGE Hydro and HydroMAX Mesotherapy treatments that can be used on your face, décolleté, and even the back of your hands. The antioxidant hyaluronic acid based gel is specifically designed to improve skin hydration and reinforce its elasticity, leaving you with the appearance of toned skin and a radiant glow. The process stimulates skin cell metabolism, and revitalises dehydrated and even sun damaged skin. It also works to improve the flaccidity of the skin on the back of the hands which can show ageing easily. The HydroMAX system for very dry skin benefits from the presence of sorbitol which helps the skin to retain water, and provides an immediate sensation of brightness and a moisturising effect.

This hypoallergenic procedure involves micro-injections into the dermis layer of your skin, and the results can be visible from the first session. The serum stimulates new production of collagen and plumps the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles. The procedure also has the advantage of reducing enlarged pores and improving the appearance of any acne scarring a client may have.

With Christmas and the party season currently in full swing, it is difficult to avoid drinking, eating, and having late nights. This leads to dull and dehydrated skin, and so procedures such as Mesotherapy are perfect to give you that much-needed boost and improve your skin tone, texture, as well as blood circulation to the cells.

With a strong celebrity following, Mesotherapy is fast becoming one of the most effective and reliable anti-aging treatments available. At White Dental Rooms, our fully trained practitioner will devise the perfect STYLAGE Hydro treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Book your first session today and rapidly revitalise your skin.



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